Company Founder - Randy Carigon
Company Founder/COM - Randy Carigon
Grand Valley State University: B.M.E. Degree-Music
School Of Audio & Music Production/Engineering: Graduated With Special Recommendation
Corporate Audio Visual-Broadcast
Event Presentation-Projection/Computer/Camera/Audio
Translation Equipment: Set-up & Operation
Video Conference Installation
Theater And Stage Production/Management
Audio/Visual System Integration

Associate Technician - Chase Carigon
MCC: Electronics Technology
KVCC: Industrial Electronics Certificate
Sound Technician


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"I am aware through personal contacts, phone calls and extensive involvement with businesses and communities, throughout the years, of the market demand for top quality live sound reinforcement and show management for corporate, festival and musical events, at an affordable rate. Carigon Sound emerged to supply customers with impeccable service and big-show glitz without the huge price tag.

After thorough research and extensive professional involvement in the live audio market, I am confident Carigon Sound offers the highest level of service and quality audio equipment at the best rates!

With our innovative engineering and savvy business practices, Carigon Sound has a great foothold in the live event market. We realize the importance of a successful event and all the hurdles you encounter, both financially and organizationally, in the planning stages. Carigon Sound uses a "common sense" business practice - provide the necessary components and go the extra mile! We will save you money and provide you with professional, sensitive support and quality audio equipment - Carigon Sound's way of helping make your production, festival or business meeting enjoyable, fun and successful!

I will be happy to personally contact you regarding our services!"

E-mail: Randy Carigon - Founder/COM


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