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A Class Act

You work hard planning and pulling together important and unique elements that make your event a success. Carigon Sound understands your demand for high quality audio and exemplary service. You deserve our first class treatment!

Carigon Sound produces great audio and delivers a personal and professional approach to show management. We keep your festival or show on track, organized and running smoothly. Carigon Sound treats your performers and public speakers with respect and professionally resolve their staging requirements. We know this business and we get things done! Carigon Sound provides complete audio systems including mixer, speakers, outboard gear, system amplifiers, microphones, stands, cables and on-stage wedge monitoring for indoor and outdoor live events. This means we provide all the necessary equipment and technician to help make your event a huge success. We use equipment manufactured by well-known pro audio companies. Our equipment is in top-notch operational and aesthetic condition.

Last Minute Requests

Did your client request an extra hand-held wireless microphone or wireless lav? We always have extra audio gear on site - just in case! We will accommodate your most stressful moments with a calm and understanding can-do attitude.

Beyond Expectations

Carigon Sound can design, set up and operate high quality sound systems for all types of events requiring sound reinforcement. We have engineered sound and managed stage for many performers, artists, public speakers and along main street downtown for parade or festival announcements!

Be assured your event is important to us! Founder/sound engineer Randy Carigon handles all inquiries about Carigon Sound services - a.s.a.p.! We are always happy to answer questions about your audio needs and our services. We have overwhelmed customers with our high level of service, support and quality audio systems in Grand Rapids, Chicago, Traverse City, St. Louis, Kalamazoo and many other areas. With our affordable rates and superior service, Carigon Sound is in a class by itself!

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