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Carigon Sound specifically determines sound system selection based on the requirements of a particular event, thus allowing you, our customer, to benefit from our extensive audio experience. We would not put the burden of sound system selection solely on our customer, but rather work with them as a partner in determining the best solution.

By offering our customers consultation free of charge, we know they will receive the correct type and amount of loudspeakers and amplification to do the job right, but most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to know our customers.

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What is your single most determining factor when contracting a sound company?
Brand Of Equipment
Engineering Experience
Customer Service

We do not offer just one type of sound system; we own and operate several loudspeaker configurations. Limiting our abilities would limit your possibilities. We are live sound professionals using high-tech equipment and professionally engineer it.

Carigon Sound services are highly reliable and affordable. The use of professional grade audio equipment coupled with our experience and skill ensures our customers successful events. Carigon Sound researches industry trends and investigates customer demands - we work hard to offer a professional level audio service at affordable costs.

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