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Digital Audio Work Station "Carigon Sound is a Michigan based sound and show production management company noted for our cutting edge audio engineering techniques. Built on honesty, dedication and hard work, Carigon Sound is determined to lead the corporate and music festival production industries. I am committed to serving clients on a professional and personal level. The result is a business you can trust!"

                        Company Founder - Randy Carigon


Carigon Sound brings over 30 years of experience, research and study in stage production and sound reinforcement to your area. This insures you of the finest live audio applications and show management skills the industry has to offer. We are proud of the reputation and rapport we have built with each of our corporate and festival clients. Carigon Sound is always happy and grateful to welcome new customers and our list of returning clients continues to grow each year.


Carigon Sound utilizes both analog and digital technologies to meet the highest demands for clarity and transparency. We obtain this quality by using proven Carigon Sound engineering methods and designing systems that embrace the natural characteristics of sound. This means our equipment produces a rich and "true" sound - that is genuine!


Carigon Sound productions are supervised, set up and engineered by Company Founder Randy Carigon. Randy also conducts on-site inspections and offers free consultation. This level of experience, training and service produces successful events. We take the worry out of your audio and stage management needs so you can concentrate on other event issues.

After each production we follow up to ensure we have exceeded your expectations. Because at Carigon Sound live audio is our profession, but people are our business! Let us be your sound solution!


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